VCCB Team in Chile
Karina Godoy – VCCB Coordinator

Engineer in Natural Resources Conservation, Universidad Austral de Chile

Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB-Chile)

I am responsible for coordinating and managing VCCB projects. My work focuses on integrated management systems and collaborative networks between the various actors to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in production regions.

Dr. Rafael A. García – Scientific Coordinator

PhD Forestry Sciences, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB-Chile)

Forestry Sciences Faculty, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Responsible for VCCB research department and for developing research projects and scientific relationships with national and international institutions. Furthermore, as a researcher at the Biological Invasion Laboratory, my lines of research focus on studying the impact of biological invasions, especially, woody plants, and on finding management strategies for invaded areas. I also study Fire Ecology to understand how native and exotic plants respond to the effects caused by wildfires.

Magdalena Radrigán – VCCB Communications Coordinator

Journalist, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

MA Strategic Communications, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile

MSc International Disaster Management, University of Manchester, UK

I coordinate press releases, manage social media and create communications content. I’m interested in communicating the social consequences and risks of climate change.

Dra. A. Paz Durán – Postdoctoral Researcher

Ph.D. Biosciences, University of Exeter, UK

Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB-Chile)

Universidad Austral de Chile

My research focuses on understanding how to reconcile different human activities within a landscape, to integrate biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services into socio-economic development. To answer this question, I usually use spatial modelling tools to assess synergies and commitments between these activities and human interests. In relation to this topic, I have worked on the effectiveness of protected areas, land use conflicts, production chain sustainability and biodiversity metrics for decision-making. Since environmental issues are multi-dimensional, I am particularly interested in working with multidisciplinary groups and interacting with different actors, to contribute and promote evidence-based decision-making.

Enzo Silva

Geography Undergraduate Thesis, Universidad Austral de Chile

My lines of research study the land use changes caused by vineyard expansion in Central Chile, specifically in the Colchagua Valley. My objective is to understand the effects of vineyard expansion on ecosystem services and how this production activity also affects the population. Working at VCCB has helped me to understand how winemaking has developed in Chile, its national and global market position and to clarify the need to be able to preserve the Chilean Mediterranean region, thus maintaining ecosystem services over time, as well as biodiversity and human settlements in the territory.