Historic Team of the VCCB Programme
Carmen Etcheverry Agronomist and oenologist, National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France Domaine ETXE, France After specialising in agroecology, I completed my university education studying agreement and dialogue between actors. My professional missions at an NGO have been to improve consideration of the environment, biodiversity and climate change in public policies, particularly on agriculture. My objectives for the future are to implement all existing best practices, such as maintenance and development of ecosystem services, in the family vineyard, in the south of France. The idea is to turn it into a pilot vineyard of agroecological winemaking practices, respectful of natural environments that produce quality wines.
Mg. Garance Journet MSc Agroecology, NMBU Oslo, Norway– ESA Angers, France I work on developing productive agriculture reconciled with the conservation of natural ecosystems. I did my master’s thesis research with the VCCB programme. Based on scientific literature and the vision of the winegrowers, members of the programme, I analysed current knowledge on the application of the ecosystem services concept in winemaking practices. My integration with the team allowed me to discover and understand how the Chilean wine industry works and identify key points to improve cooperation between academia and the wine industry.
Luis Castañeda Academic, Human Genetics Programme – Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de Chile My scientific interests focus on studying the interaction between physiology, ecology and evolution to understand how adaptation mechanisms are connected to global change. For many years, I have studied how physiological capabilities allow organisms to exploit a wide range of environmental conditions. For example, we have studied the evolutionary potential and thermal adaptation of ectotherms and their implications on the current global warming scenario, as well as on costs of adequacy of these adaptation mechanisms. More recently, I have started exploring the ecological and environmental factors that drive the composition and structure of microbial communities associated with different environments.
Romina Zepeda Paulo Natural Resources Conservation Engineering, Universidad Austral de Chile I undertook my research in the Leyda Valley, to analyse space-time dynamics of land use change and its effect on the native forest and sclerophyll scrub in the area. I used techniques to quantify the landscape and subsequently obtained information about the evolution of the agro-ecosystem and the wine industry in the valley between 1996 and 2010.