Fondos adjudicados 

Ecosystem Ecology and Conservation Management

Support to scientific and technological centres of excellence with baseline funding 2017 –Ecology and Biodiversity Institute. CONICYT PIA Fund – AFB170008. PI-Line: Dr Olga Barbosa.
Mapping and quantifying ecosystem services for sustainable viticulture in the Colchagua Valley, Chile. Collaborative project with Joint Nature Conservation Committee. PI: Dr Olga Barbosa
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Management to improve the resilience of Chilean wine production. CORFO-Chilean Wines. PI: Dr Olga Barbosa.
Develop and assess ecosystem services based on functional biodiversity with native auxiliary plants and cover crops in wine systems. INNOVA Chile.
Scientific and technological centres of excellence – Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity. CONICYT Baseline Funds – PFB 23. PI-Line: Dr Olga Barbosa.

Human Dimension of Biological Conservation

Enhancing Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity in Chile’s Mediterranean Ecosystems: Evaluation of a Conservation Partnership with the Wine Industry. The Rufford Foundation (UK). LRI: Dr Marcela Marquez.
Conserving Chile’s Threatened Mediterranean Ecosystems: Evaluation of Winegrowers’ Adoption of Conservation Practices. IDEA WILD. PI: Dr Marcela Marquez
Winegrowers’ Adoption of Conservation Practices in Chile’s Mediterranean Ecosystems: Corporate Conservation Behaviour Analysis and Program Evaluation. Graduate School, University of Florida. PI: Dr Marcela Marquez
Attitudes and Factors Influencing Behaviour Change of Wine Producers towards the Conservation of Chile’s Mediterranean Habitat. Tropical Conservation and Development Program Research Grant and the Tinker, Foundation at the University of Florida. PI: Dr Marcela Marquez

Microbial Biology

Doctoral thesis in the production sector, first call 2016 – (T7816110001). Advanced human capital attraction and insertion programme CONICYT (PAI). PI: Dr Roland Sánchez